Meet Our Team

  • Zulainy- Receptionist

    Zulainy has been a receptionist at Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic for over 5 years. She is always striving to give the best care to all the patients and clients. She has been in Miami all her life. She has always been an animal lover and knew that she wanted to work with them. She owns 3 dogs and 4 cats and loves them all dearly. Some of her favorite hobbies include taking her dogs to the park, watching movies, and reading.

  • Dianelys- Technician and Receptionist

    Since a young age Dianelys knew she wanted to work in Veterinary Medicine. Growing up with her father, who was a veterinarian, she was always watching him perform veterinary procedures with astonishment. In 2012 Dianelys began to work at Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic where she gained all her knowledge in the field. Dianelys enjoys to work at Miami Lakes Veterinary clinic and gives love and compassion to all the patients. A year ago, Dianelys adopted a terrier mix puppy named Mickey. Mickey fills her and her kids home with happiness. She cares for all our patients with the highest of care when they are at Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic. 

  • Anthony- Technician

    Growing up Anthony has always loved animals, especially reptiles. He enjoys learning about different diseases and how they are treated. He has been a veterinary technician since 2011. His experience has been in emergency hospitals and general medicine. Anthony has 8 pets, whom he adores: Apollo who is 4 years old and Kitty who is 2 years old. Along with Apollo and Kitty, he also has six pet snakes. Their names are: Nala, Rafiki, Mr. Matley, Kiara, Tiny, and Luna. When Anthony is not at work he enjoys being outdoors walking trails, barbecuing, and fishing. Anthony always strives to provide the best care for clients and their pets at Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic! 

  • Danielle- Receptionst and Technician

    As a child, Danielle was always devoted to animals. Whether it was taking home strays or caring for her personal companions, she always goes above and beyond. Danielle has also been interested in reptiles, as well as horses. She has been showing and riding horses all of her life. Danielle has 2 beloved pets: Tiger and Stinky. Tiger is a 6 year old Chihuahua who is spoiled like a baby and his best friend Stinky is a 3 legged cat she rescued from Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic as a newborn. Since 2011 Danielle has been a irreplaceable member of our team who goes to above and beyond for you and your animals as if they were her own. 

  • Daniela- Technician

    Daniela has been working in the veterinary field since 2009. She graduated in 2014 with an Associates in Science degree in Veterinary Technology at Miami Dade College. She owns 2 dogs named Hershey and Charlie, who she loves to be around. Her hobbies include walking her dogs, watching movies, spending time with her family, and going to the gym. Daniela's goal as a technician is to provide the best and supportive care for everyone's four-legged friends!

  • Jessica- Technician and Receptionist

    From a young age Jessica knew she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. She attended Robert Morgan Educational Centers Veterinary Assisting program and began as an intern at a small and exotic animal clinic in 2009. After graduating high school in 2013 she began working at Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic as  a technician. Jessica is currently going to school for pre-veterinary medicine and has plans of attending Saint Kitts University of Veterinary Medicine. One day she hopes to work with elephants, her favorite animal. She is very friendly and knowledgeable.  Jessica has an amazing touch when it comes to handling patients. She owns an American Bulldog named Sasha. Her favorite activities include taking Sasha to the doggy park, beach, and watching movies. She loves all animals and adds a gentle and caring touch to Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic!

  • Kim- Assistant

    Kim has been working at Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic for a year. She has always wanted to be an equine veterinarian. Kim has always loved horses and has been working with them since she was 10. She is now a senior at West Broward High School, where she is enrolled in the Veterinary Assisting program. Here is where she gets the practice to be a vet. April 2016 Kim passed the Veterinary Assisting certification test. At Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic, she gets to put her knowledge to the test, assisting the technicians. She adds a positive and uplifting warmth to Miami Lakes Veterinary Clinic. 

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  • "Dr. Manny Morales and Dr. Darrell Daubert have always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."
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